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Bill at Camp

Bill loved talking with the campers at Brahm’s Running Camp in 2015. He’s returning in 2016 for more fun!

Runner, teacher and writer Bill Kenley knows what makes high schoolers tick. Using his young adult novel High School Runner (Freshman) and fictional cross-country runner Sherman Kindle, Kenley connects with young men and women through stories that entertain and inspire.


Bill came to Brahms’ Running Camp during the summer of 2015, and the campers absolutely loved his message. He read from passages from his book, High School Runner (Freshman), and the campers were on the edge of their seats. We knew how the campers felt because we read the book prior to camp, and we couldn’t put the book down! The book was uncanny not only in its description about high school running, but also in its insight about being a young adult. We read passage aloud to each other, laughing and tearing up, but also uncovering memories that had been buried for decades.

Bill had a great rapport with the campers, demonstrating to us that he knows how to handle any type of classroom, even a temporary classroom held outside with 150 sweaty, hormonal, and motivated teenage distance runners. After Bill’s talk, we watched in wonder as a long line formed with campers wanting to buy Bill’s book. Before Bill left, we invited him to come back to camp next summer. Bill is a special person, and we just can’t wait to read his next book! — Nina Brahm, Co-Director, Brahm’s Running Camp, Lincoln State Park, Lincoln City, Ind. 


A few Noblesville High School runners helped Bill during his speaking event at Notre Dame's cross country camp in 2015.

A few Noblesville High School runners helped Bill during his speaking event at Notre Dame’s cross country camp in 2015.

Sport and Identity: How Sherman Kindle comes to understand himself through running and how the goals we set for ourselves define us.

The Importance of Team: How a connection with others makes running more meaningful and more joyful.

The Journey of High School: How Sherman’s first book — (Freshman) — is about identity, finding his niche in high school and what he’ll face in the years (and three books) ahead.

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