What does a high school runner’s voice look like?

INDIANAPOLIS — During writer Bill Kenley’s summer 2016 running camp tour around his young adult, coming-of-age novel “High School Runner (Freshman),” he will speak to more than 1,000 teen-age runners and ask them to share their responses to questions about growing up, life and running. Campers will write their answers on sticky notes that will be collected and become part of the HSR Band of Runners project.

The HSR Band of Runners project will celebrate the voices and perspectives of high school runners by representing them through art and writing projects. As a business that cares about this audience, you can make these projects happen.

The HSR Band of Runners project summary:

+ Art and writing projects will be made from the thousands of sticky notes collected. The company that funds each project will own its artwork after a period of public exhibition.

+ A landing page at billkenley.com telling about the project, sharing images of memorable notes and giving ways young runners can submit their own responses.

+ Social media activity to support sharing the images and art.

+ We are also exploring turning answers (words or drawings) into sticky note flipbooks, T-shirts or prints.

The HSR Band of Runners is looking for the following 3 types of partners:

1. Corporate/individual funders to commission artist(s) who will be creating artwork. Funders’ individual or brand name will be associated with artwork during public exhibition, and funder will own art after public exhibition.

2. Creatives (artists, arts organizations, teachers and writers) interested in using sticky notes to create incredible artwork and writing projects.

3. Venues interested in displaying the art once it is complete (up to two years)

Please contact Casey at 317-698-5895 or casey@punchcontent.net to see if you might be a good fit for the HSR Band of Runners. DOWNLOAD THE FLYER HERE!